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Lucia Elena Průša


Viktor Lundgaard vs. Birke Gorm


May 23 June 12, 2018


Laurence Sturla

The Shooter's Drunk!

March 21 May 10, 2018

Carved and Shaped by Proximity

Sasha Auerbakh, Melanie Ebenhoch, Jennifer Gelardo, Birke Gorm, Ernst Yohji Jäger, FM (Daisuke Fukunaga & Soshiro Matsubara), Jürgen Kleft, William Knaack, James Lewis, Angelika Loderer, Irina Lotarevich, Bruno Mokross, Lucia Elena Průša, Anna Schachinger, Titania Seidl, Jumpei Shimada, Laurence Sturla, Philipp Timischl, Edin Zenun

January 31 February 12, 2018

Layet Johnson

Mystery Bird

December 14, 2017 January 2018

Laurids Oder & Jumpei Shimada

In Hours / 気ままに

November 17 December 10, 2017

Sasha Auerbakh at DAMA, Turin

November 2 5, 2017

Die Müdigkeit II

Cäcilia Brown, Gabriele Edlbauer, Noële Ody, Eva Seiler

October 17 November 6, 2017

In Case of Doubt

Zoë Field, Camillo Grewe, Anastasia Jermolaewa, Tom Volkaert

June 23 July 23, 2017

Alison Veit


May 17 June 17, 2017

Jim Thorell

The Grey Liberator

April 21 May 14, 2017

Harry Sanderson

World Grid

March 22 April 17, 2017

Sarah Księska

Pas' auf dich auf Schwester

February 17 March 9, 2017


Sabotage. The Conscious Withdrawal of the Workers' Industrial Efficiency
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Originally published in October 1916 by the IWW Publishing Bureau. Republished in 2018 as part of the exhibition CUTTADA SHOB by Viktor Lundgaard vs. Birke Gorm. Designed by FONDAZIONE Europa.

14.8 x 10.5 cm, 28 pages, softcover. Price: 10 cents

Layet Johnson

Mystery Bird

A short comic released accompanying his identically named exhibition.

Laurids Oder & Jumpei Shimada

Publication Delivery

A collection of photographs taken on a research trip to Istanbul. An edition of 5+2 signed and numbered copies (sold out) containing two small artworks was released accompanying their exhibition at Pina.

Alison Veit


A collection of poems and photographs.

Sarah Księska

Euphoria Endless

A series of photographs taken from the artist's instagram account as well as during a vacation in Poland.

If not otherwise stated, all publications are 148 x 210mm (DIN A5), unbound inside a see-through envelope and released in an unlimited, print-on-demand edition. They are available at the space for a small donation, shipped internationally upon request and also available for download as PDF.